Meet the owner of AZ Teardrop Rentals

Hello, I am Tommee Maxwell I make memories for people I have not met yet.

CEO AZ Teardrop Rentals

Tommee is passionate about inspiring women and solo travelers of all ages to try new things, see new places and meet new people.

She grew up climbing trees and rocks barefoot during the spring and summer, saving bees from the pool, holding praying mantises in her bare hands.

Tommee is someone that you would call a minimalist, nature-loving, free-spirited explorer. You will have her energized with the mention of nature, energy, or sustainable living.

Often accompanying her is her son Connor and her dog Maxwell that you can see in many adventures in the mountains.

Being a woman and a mother of a 11-year-old son, she always wanted something she could hook up on my own and just hit the road. Also wanted something that she could tow with her daily driver and that would not take a lot of time to set up or gas to tow. Plus, she wanted something that would provide more protection than a tent for her son, her dog and for herself, and that lead to her obsession with Teardrop campers.

CEO AZ Teardrop Rentals

We search for something, someone to make us feel whole, to fill that void. However, all along, we had all we needed, all we needed to do was to trust ourselves enough to credited it.

Teardrop Camper rentals

Nature is the only place that will never rush anything, yet all is done in time.

Teardrop Camper rentals
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